Why Korea?

Anyone who has known me since university will know that my goal has been to go to Japan for ages. And I went. And the recession hit. And I had to come home. Now, I could try go back to Japan, where I would like to be… But that would be easy. And I decided to try South Korea.

Why South Korea?

Let me show you.

…SO. Long story short: South Korea became more than “That country that had a war and is South of that short crazy guy” thanks to Stephen Colbert and Rain, who is so ridiculously hot it almost hurts. I’m not crazy into k-pop and everything, because it frightens me (their fans are insane, and anti-fans are crazy) but my interest in the country is, at the moment, purely a pop culture thing. While I apply for jobs, I’m frantically trying to learn what I can about the country beyond “Ooooh, Rain is pretty, MBLAQ make me happy, Super Junior are awesome, and Big Bang are my Korean Japanese karaoke love” because really, would you like to deal with someone who came over to Canada or the US only knowing about the music here? I don’t think so.

…Though, you know that’s why so many of the young people go over in the first place. 😉