Couple watches Edogawa Fireworks

It’s been a while!
I know I said I would be writing more over the past week regarding the whole Japan trip and Korea coming up, but as you can imagine, it’s been a really crazy week. For the first time ever, I’ve actually felt like a writer, because I’ve been able to talk about deadlines and articles and editors. It’s rather exciting! It’s the reason I haven’t mentioned Japan much – I’m waiting to see if it’s just going on the website, or if there might be interest elsewhere.

My method for moving to Korea is the following: do my very best to ignore the fact I’ll be moving to Korea in five days. I’m buying the things I need to, and am thinking ahead, but I’m putting off getting out my suitcases. Leaving those things out for too long will leave me prone to over-packing, something I am VERY prone to. My goal is to just pack clothes, computer stuff, DVDs, and a year worth of bathroom stuff. If Korea is anything like Japan, and it is, I will be missing my normal toothpaste.

Even in the past year, things have improved, at least for me, in the wonderful world of Getting Stuff While Overseas™. Before, there were a few companies that I found while in Japan, which can be found listed on my post The Wonderful World of Online Shopping, if interested. Since then, a lot of companies that I like have began offering international shipping. Most notably, Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic.  This is HUGE, because I’d say a solid 3/4 of my wardrobe comes from Old Navy. Their clothes are cute, and the sizes are just right. 🙂 I checked, and they now ship within Canada (finally!) and will ship to Japan and South Korea. Which means, this winter, I WON’T GO COLD. 😀

Hopefully, things will slow down soon enough so I can write once more before Korea. If not, I’ll see you all in Seoul!