How to (not) Pack To Move To Korea

At this point, I can count the hours to my flight without sounding ridiculous. 34 hours to go, and my suitcases are sitting open on my floor, staring at me with some kind of great expectation. There is stuff sitting in them, but I am nowhere near the point of looking at them and thinking “Oh wow, I can survive in a foreign country for a year!”

Lets have a look at what I have considered my essentials, after a year and a half in Japan influencing me:

My Entire DVD collection
I took my entire DVD collection (It’s really not that big) and have put them all in one giant CD book. Honestly, there was no greater day than the ones when the post would come with something from my mom. She would always stop by the movie rental place, picking up the previously viewed DVDs for me to watch. It didn’t cost much for her, and to me, it was a wonderful connection to back home. Plus, being someone who fancies themselves a writer, particularly of the script variety, I LOVE listening to people speak. To be honest, music in excess irritates me. I love singing, but I couldn’t listen to it non stop. I lost count of the number times I put “That Thing You Do!” in my DVD player while I simply played on the computer, or worked in the kitchen. There was something comforting in casual conversation. Plus, Steve Zahn is amazing.

I am trying REALLY HARD to be practical here. I have to pack for four complete seasons, in one suitcase. THIS IS REALLY HARD. Fingers crossed I can do it. The most important thing for me to remember is to pack my winter jacket, because buying clothes is not an option when there, unless I order from Old Navy (woo being a plus size girl with size 10 feet and a D cup! Asian clothes will never work on me. Ever.)

Computer Stuff
Surprise of surprises, I can say without a matter of doubt that my entire life depends on my computer. Want to get a hold of me? Email or Skype. I write all the time, I love checking my email, and just like to play about on Photoshop and stuff. All my music and movies are on my external hard drive, and I back it up as often as I can to disk. So there is no surprise that the laptop, DVD burner, and external hard drive will be flying with me, to Korea. In my carry on luggage. Because god help the plane people if they drop my hard drive and mess it up.

Non-Perishable Food Items That I Will NEVER FIND IN ASIA
Japan taught me something: the concept of “Just Add Water” doesn’t exist. So things like juice crystals, jello, pudding, and other delicious things that can go in your cupboard forever and never go bad are severely lacking in Asia. So I’ve made a point of grabbing a few weeks worth of koolaid. I should be okay.

…Other than that, it’s all stuff where I’m going “Oh that’s cute, I can’t leave that, etc etc” aka, all the useless crap I just LIKE and don’t feel like LEAVING. My goal is to not bring so much of that stuff with me. I’ve already got WAY too much clothing and stuff.