How to: Make a concert sign board

One of my favourite things I’ve done, fandom wise, was make my “Don’t Deny our R²π” poster to use at Inkigayo. We lucked out with getting a post-taping, so there was a mini-concert for all the KissMes that couldn’t get into the actual show. AJ spotted the poster the second he came out on stage and started singing the line, which was awesome. 🙂 And then, a week later, we brought the signs to Inkigayo again, and they were spotted once more.

Perhaps I’m just lucky, or perhaps there’s an art to making a sign worth reading on stage. Either way, I made a video of how sign boards for events like Inkigayo and fan signings are made in Korea. It’s a bit more than just making a poster and waving it around. You need to be able to keep the poster small when bring it in, so making the poster both small and durable is important.

You’re going to need some solid poster board, black take that you can put glue on, and neon coloured paper. 🙂 Oh, and a ruler and pencil.

If you do end up using this way to make a sign, take a picture and share it! I’d love to see some of the other posters out there.



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