Surprise! Fansign!

Today, my friend and I were in Yongsan station, aka the electronics mecca of Seoul, trading in my old camcorder for a new shiny one so I could do more videos for the site. We were about to head down to Suwon to meet a friend for galbi, when I noticed a sign on the wall. Normally, I don’t care for signs, since they’re all in Korean, but it seemed to be advertising an event, and had G.Na on the poster. G.Na is a Korean-Canadian that became a singer here in Korea, and sings some really great songs. So I read over the sign, realized there was a fan sign going on RIGHT THEN. So, we ran up the stairs, got a ticket, and sat down.

Really, there’s not a whole lot to talk about when it comes to fan signs. You go there, they talk a little, and then you get in line and speak to them for a few seconds. Only other fansigns I’ve been to have been for U-Kiss, and I really like going to those because the U-Kiss guys are super chatty and nice. This time with G.Na, the situation was a little awkward because they wanted to get all the foreigners and film her speaking English and stuff. It was kinda hard to be properly relaxed, so we were all like “Blah, what the hell is going on.”

Either way, I have my sign board, and took this video to try out my camera. What do you think? Interesting way to start off the long weekend! Tomorrow is definitely going to be worth getting the camera, I think. But it’s a secret for now. ^_^