Seoul National University Hospital – Bundang Campus

When I first moved to South Korea, I was really nervous about finding a doctor. My first experience with a doctor in Korea was the day after I got off the plane here, and involved a grumpy old man who spoke almost no English and his assessment of my health was “very fatty”. Awesome bedside manner, right? So after that, I was really sceptical about going to any old doctor who would call me all manner of insults or tell my workplace what I might be dealing with.

The waiting room in SNUH's International Healthcare Centre

The waiting room in SNUH’s International Healthcare Centre

Eventually, I came across the Seoul National University Hospital and their incredible International Healthcare Centre. I found the centre through a reference from a US military site, which I found comforting because it meant the hospital was able to live up to all the standards that Americans would consider normal for a doctor, all which can be found in the Patients Rights page. The international centre did everything they could to make the incredibly intimidating situation of health care in Korea a little less scary. And for two years, I was a devoted SNUH patient. Any and all health problems could be dealt with there, and if you see a family doctor first there, it will be referred and then covered by health care. SNUH also has a Neuropsychiatry department, a very rare and comprehensive department. For expats dealing with stress in Korea, many can be facing the stigma of Korean culture not believing in mental health, but at SNUH’s IHC, they are able to help expats who could be struggling to deal with the stress of living overseas with much needed discretion.

When I found out I would be moving to Bundang, I was told over and over again that I was lucky because the Seoul National University Hospital had a campus there. SNUH has a national reputation for being the best hospital in the country, so having a Bundang campus is a huge perk to moving. Bonus, when I moved to Bundang, the MASSIVE extension to the Bundang campus was near completion, which meant their own International Healthcare Centre was getting its own expansion. Now open, the IHC is ready to take on the international clients in whatever language you may throw at them, be it English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian or Mongolian.

The IHC has moved, but it's rather unclear after the escalator...

The IHC has moved, but it’s rather unclear after the escalator…

To get to the International Healthcare Centre in the Bundang campus, you go in through the main doors, and then go up the escalator to the left. From there, go straight, past the payment centre, and turn right. The hall curves right a little, and right behind the payment area is the new International Health Centre. Since the hospital is still in the process of moving offices around after the expansion, it would be in your best interest to call ahead and make an appointment.

Phone number: 031-787-2034
Emergency Number: 010 9722 2034 (24 hour on call service)

Email: (this address could be out of date, I’m getting it from the website but haven’t tested it myself.)

There is also an online reservation service, however I am not 100% how up to date the website is and how quick they can reply. Please let me know if it does or doesn’t work, okay? This goes for the phone numbers as well.


Oh, and PS, there’s a Starbucks on the first floor of the new expansion. Thus, this is the best hospital in the world now.