I write, right? Now what?


I’ve been back home in Canada for just over a month now, and we’re reaching the point where I’m completely done with the whole not having money thing. My pension money isn’t here yet, and the second that arrives, I know that it needs to go into an apartment and savings, so I can’t even relax with that.

So, after three years in Korea, a year in Japan, a post graduate in scriptwriting, a BA in history, and two websites that are doing half decently, I now have to look at myself and think: what do I have to offer the working world?

As I look through Monster and Workopolis, I find the answer is, not much.

Despite all my work experience, it all feels like it means nothing over here in Canada, and the jobs that keep coming up sound so out of my realm. I’ve been searching LinkedIn for work every day, hoping to find things that will come up. When I came home, I was sure that I had developed the experience I needed to be a viable candidate to apply for social media jobs. And technically, I still do think that. But with every passing day that goes by, and every day where I still haven’t heard from a single application, I start to worry. “Am I actually good enough? Should I even be trying? Maybe I should just be applying for other jobs…”

On top of this, I’ve been taking on work as a freelance writer on eLance just to try and bring some money in. On the very first piece I worked on, I was ripped off by what ended up being a con or a fraud, and I learnt my lesson the hard way. It’s been a really difficult week to get through with dealing with the dispute process, trying to get the few dollars I worked for. What have I learnt during this process?

  • If someone makes you lower your asking price to small percentage of what you were asking, the person is not looking for quality, but cheapness.
  • When the client is listing prices below minimum wage, you’re going to be competing against high schoolers who really can only get minimum wage
  • Stand your ground

Personally, I’m a little put off by the experience, but I’ll try my hand at it again soon. It’s stressful, like all job hunting.


One day, I’d love to be able to say that my sites and my writing keep me going and pay my rent. But right now, I’m just trying to get set up. If any of you are needing something written, or help with social media, or anything like that, I’m free for hire. 🙂