A Wave And a Smile

vic-park_1167-002_smDear Victoria Park Station Subway Station Employee,

Ever since I’ve moved to Toronto, you have worked at my local subway station. We don’t talk much – you sell me tokens, I say thank you, and I head off for my day.

However, unlike all the other staff at the station, you have come to recognize me.

I personally make it a habit of smiling at everyone that I encounter. It’s easy enough to do, and it really does seem to brighten up other people around me when they smile back. I don’t think much about it though. It’s just a resolution that became a habit, and I like it.

You, however, seem to have the same habit as me. Because every time I walk through the gate, you smile at me, and give me a wave.

It makes my day. To the point where I feel compelled to write a blog post about it!

If I think back, you’ve been awesome for ages. I can remember when we actually had turnstiles at the station, you would always beat me to the punch and hit the button for the automatic gate for me so I didn’t have to deal with the stupid turnstiles. I can remember telling my mum, “I love the gate supervisor – he’s always so nice!” Simply because of that little action.

Lately, Victoria Park is under construction, and there is no more turnstiles (YAAAAAS PRESTO!) so there is no more automatic gate to open. But instead of just letting it be, you’ve now moved to giving me a great big smile and a wave whenever I am returning home. It makes my day. Usually, I’m returning home from a day at work. My feet hurt, my legs hurt, and I really hate my shoes. But then you smile, and wave, and it feels so genuine that of course I smile back, despite how uncomfortable I’m feeling.

And I’m just one person! I love to imagine how many people you smile and wave at throughout the day. Maybe there are other people who are more outgoing than I am, who chat and say hi and have nice routines with you. Maybe you’re like me, and you smile at everyone you come across. Either way, I just want to openly say thank you for being an awesome person.


Do you have a person like my subway gate supervisor? Send some internet love to those strangers in your life who make the day brighter with a smile in the comments! Or, even better – write your own open letter in your own blog and link in the comments!