Guess The Lesson Learnt

responsibility12alternateToday was an interesting day.

I didn’t work today, in either of my jobs, so I told myself that I would clean the apartment.

Not the kitchen, not the bedroom, but I mentally told myself I’d try the WHOLE APARTMENT.

But lets be honest – that was never, EVER going to happen. For a couple of reasons.

One being my inability to wake up at a normal time. So today I woke up nice and early at 11:30. What. Don’t judge me. It’s my day off. Anyways, I woke up nice and early just before noon, and of course my morning routine had to happen, so Dora was walked, breakfast was had, and a lot of time was wasted watching TV. Naturally.

Anyways, some time in the afternoon I started to clean the kitchen, and amazingly, over a few hours, the kitchen went from disaster zone to completely ready for filming this weekend for my school assignment. I’m so so pleased with myself for being able to actually complete that.


Then I went and tried to be actually productive. An anyone who might be familiar with Hyperbole and a Half’s comic “This Is Why I’ll Never Be An Adult” knows that this is the moment when things go awful.

I decided to take out my winter blankets and get them ready for the season. And by winter blanket I mean winter IKEA duvet and cover.

responsibility12alternate2Now, according to IKEA’s website, I can wash the duvet.

But. Try telling that to my  building’s washing machine.

One of the things I liked about my building when they gave me the grand tour was that there was a BIIIIIIIG laundry room. I learnt pretty quickly though that my big laundry room was actually a pretty crappy laundry room. The washing machines are weak. WEAK. I don’t like spending money on the dryers after living without one for so many years in Japan and Korea, but those dryers are weak too.

Anyways. I wanted to wash my IKEA duvet. So I dragged it downstairs, stuffed it in the washer, and headed back upstairs to wait it out.


Forty minutes later…

I headed downstairs, and found my washer still spinning very… very… slowly. Suddenly, it beeped at me, and told me the wash was done. Without doing a spin cycle.

So I had this massive, soaking wet duvet dripping everywhere and I didn’t know what to do with it.


I stuffed it into the dryer, and hoped for the best.

Such a bad idea.

I headed back upstairs to wait out the dryer, praying that the dryer would be made of magic.

It wasn’t.

I returned back downstairs and found my duvet still soaking, with ten minutes left in the laundry room before it closed.






It’s about 1am now, I’m relaxing while watching the Great British Bake Off, and I’ve got my duvet hanging in the shower hoping to god it’ll be ready by the end of the weekend. We all have to thank my mother for reminding me that I could put my drying rack IN the shower and it would avoid the puddles that were starting to build up.

Thank god it’s warm this weekend, because I’m using my very thin Korean summer sheets and a fleece throw.




Did you guess the lesson learnt?

Never. Try. 




Credit to the illustrations goes to Hyperbole and a Half