Wanting To Work

things-should-doing-unemployedI was really hoping that getting the “Social Media Management” certificate from George Brown College would help me get work quickly. I was hoping that getting the Hootsuite Social Marketing certificate would be an added boost.

But so far – nothing.

I’ve had a few interviews so far, but I had one employer tell me very honestly that while I was very qualified… I was up against people with years of experience. And of course, experience trumps education because they’ve proven themselves in the field.




I’ve been volunteering a bit. Last summer I worked with Wildlands League on their Paddle the Rouge event, and it was an amazing experience. I actually got to catch up with them today and it felt great to be doing my thing. I’ve also been working with the Life of I project, but that’s not really a social media project. But I really need to be taking on clients.

How on earth do you get clients?

Right now, I’m in the research phase. I’ve been reading articles on “How to Find Your First Social Media Client” and watching my new favourite Youtuber, Savvy Sexy Social. She has this great sponsored series about going from regular work to working for yourself, and I’ve been watching it over and over.

I’m still trying to figure out how to reach out to potential customers. It’s all very intimidating. A lot of what I’m trying to do is something that comes very naturally to me, but… It’s very difficult for me to see it being a sellable skill because I’ve always felt that it should be something everyone can do. Only now am I starting to understand that it doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and that I can make things better for other people.


If you happen to know a company, a start-up, or stumble upon this post yourself and need help with social media, give me a shout through my contact page!