The Person


The ever mature writer of ABlogAbroad

Name: Rebecca

Age: 28

Nationality: Canadian

Places I’ve Lived: (in order of appearance)

  • Flin Flon, Manitoba;
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba;
  • Marathon, Ontario
  • Brockville, Ontario
  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • Yokosuka, Japan
  • Tsudanuma, Japan
  • Anyang, South Korea
  • Bucheon, South Korea
  • Bundang, South Korea


Singing, dancing, acting, writing, photography, video editing, cooking, history,  U-Kiss, ice cream, staying in hotels, k-pop, j-pop, musicals, free wifi, getting mail, being REALLY loud (especially at concerts), talking to idols, helping people, planning things


Bugs, spiders, spicy food, people who stare at me on the trains, humidity, whiners, excuses, creatures that don’t seem to have skeletons (Octopus, jellyfish, squid, I am looking at you.)

Things I’m good at:

  • Bachelor of History, Carleton University 2007
  • Post Graduate certificate in Scriptwriting, Algonquin College 2008
  • Computers
  • Singing
  • Sounding like Wikipedia
  • Figuring things out
  • Google-fu
  • Everything

Reasons why I like Asia
Japanese food is amazing, public transportation is awesome, Japan loves bikes, pets are totally fashion accessories, I can wear really crazy makeup and not feel weird, boy bands still rule supreme, musical theatre is really fun, fan service, guys give a damn about their appearance

Reasons Asia drives me insane
People staring at me on the train, the old people, Koreans can’t line up, Koreans also can’t drive, I have considered writing my will and final requests while on some busses, Korean food is too spicy, people assuming I can’t understand what they’re saying and so insulting me openly, Japan taxes everything under the sun (I’m looking at you, NHK Man)